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Go from tired mom to confident go-getter.

With decades of experience as a makeup artist, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that can help you transform from tired and uninspired to awake and ready to create—in 5 minutes!

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Waste less time and get more done.

With decades of experience as a makeup artist, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that can help you transform from tired and uninspired to awake and ready to create—in 5 minutes!


Hi! My name is Stephanie.

I teach stay-at-home and homeschooling moms how to start and sustain their businesses with confidence. Yes, it’s possible to grow your business and nurture your children outside of the traditional system at the same time! We’ll take the scary steps together, fulfilling your purpose in less time—with more assurance and joy.

How I went from makeup artist to mompreneur in what felt like the blink of an eye!

I spent years building my makeup career in London, cultivating a reputation for achieving beautiful skin and creative looks in a natural way. I worked my way into Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and some of the biggest record labels and ad campaigns out there.

But “success” has always meant more to me than features and recognition, so I found myself searching for a deeper purpose. I worked with several non-profits, teaching women tips and tricks to regain confidence and feel strong in their skin after overcoming situations such as abusive relationships and cancer diagnoses. My pull toward my higher purpose has always led me to teaching, so naturally—it’s become a cornerstone of the business I’ve created.

When I began creating my own brand, Ouli’s Ointment, I jumped in head first—simply following a feeling and allowing intuition and fate to guide my journey. Luckily, the right people appeared at the right times, helping me through parts of the process that I didn’t know how to approach. 

And in the middle of this entrepreneurial nosedive, I found out I was pregnant. To many, this may have been an overwhelming distraction. But for me, it lit a fire that inspired me to bring my brand to life—a brand that provides safe products for the entire family, nourishing your skin and soul from the inside out.


Sounds effortless, right? Well, it was anything but.

While the passion was certainly there, the time, energy, and confidence were not. I was dealing with all of the feelings—you know, the ones that come with pregnancy, changing the course of your career, and wondering if I was truly cut out for any of it. Feelings aside, I was also juggling London Fashion Week, a 12-hour day job, a big move, and shingles!

But my fears and overwhelm were eased by the idea of creating a legacy brand that I could be proud of—one that would someday make my children proud too. I also knew that I wouldn’t want to be on someone else’s schedule forever (although I learned quickly—as a Mom, you always are), so I continued on my entrepreneurial adventure.

Over time, I watched my business morph along with me as I embraced my new role as a mother. I learned that the more my business reflected my family values, the more passionate and inspired I felt. Today, I keep our core values at the front of my mind as I continue to water the seed of my business and mother my children in an unconventional way that works for us.

I wish I knew then what I know now, but the growing pains are all part of the journey. If you hear a little voice telling you to go for it, but “it” might feel too big or too daunting from where you stand…

I’d be honored to guide you.

Stephanie GM

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